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About the Book

Twenty million people in the US suffer from alcohol and drug addictions. Among them, there are nearly a million teenagers aged 12-17, and 1 in 7 young adults aged 18-25 is battling a substance use disorder. Of these people in need, only a small minority of about 10% seek treatment and professional help. Sadly, 50% to 90% of those who do receive treatment relapse within a year. These numbers paint a very gloomy picture and are demotivating sufferers who want to change their lives as they show that only a few actually make it.

And this is what a Jacksonville-based substance abuse treatment counselor, Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu, is determined to change.

After supporting people with alcohol and drug abuse issues using traditional approaches for years, Dr. Nzuzu became increasingly frustrated with these methods’ failure to enable the patients to stay sober long-term:

“It was heartbreaking for me to see that after all the effort the patients put into cleaning up and recovery, they did not have the skills needed to maintain their sobriety once their treatment ended. Every time they relapse, their families are utterly devastated, and the patients feel like a complete failure.”

The challenge of preventing relapses in alcoholics and drug addicts who successfully complete their treatment has been researched and debated by addiction experts and counselors around the world for years. Dr. Nzuzu devoted the last five years to finding a more effective approach to the treatment of substance abuse and has developed an alternative recovery system that fundamentally changes the mindset of the patient.

This innovative model, described in Dr. Nzuzu’s new book, How To Stay Sober, gives practical guidance to people who are determined to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse disorder and is designed to help them remain clean and sober even after their treatment is finished. The first edition of the book and the accompanying workbook were released in December 2020, and are available from Amazon in English, Spanish, and French (paperback, e-book, audiobook).

“This gem of the book is a must-read!”

Dr. Rugare Manerva

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