How to Recover From an Alcohol Addiction

You need to believe that recovery is possible. You have to be determined to stay sober. You must have a strong reason to give up alcohol. And you can never give up. Ever.

The foundation to recovery from alcohol dependence is to find out what is the problem. It is a waste of time and energy to try to stop or control drinking without understanding the exact nature of the problem. There is overwhelming evidence to prove that lack of understanding of the problem leads to unsuccessful efforts at trying to drink like normal people. Some of the methods include drinking “beer only, limiting the number of drinks, never drinking alone, never drinking in the morning, drinking only at home, never drinking in the house, never drinking during business hours, drinking only at parties/weddings, switching from scotch to brandy, drinking only natural wines etc. etc.”

In spite of the failure to stop or control drinking, many alcoholics continue to believe that “I can stop anytime I want to”, or “It’s no big deal I can manage my drinking”, or “That I can drink some more because today will be different and better than yesterday.” This kind of thinking is a license that allows the alcoholic to continue drinking despite mounting problems at work, home, school, relationships, marriage, legal and financial. Underlying the above thought patterns is ignorance of the exact nature of the problem of alcoholism which in turn leads to more failed attempts at stopping temporarily or quitting completely.

In order to understand the exact nature of the problem, the alcoholic should go no farther than doing the experiment of controlled drinking. In other words, try many times to drink and stop abruptly if you haven’t tried so already. This experiment is useful in that it will help you decide if you still have the ability to stop drinking when you want to. If you are honest enough with yourself it should not take you long to decide.

Published by Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu

Dr. Nzuzu is a distinguished author who published his first addiction treatment book, How To Stay Sober, in December 2020. He is a fully licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor with a thriving addiction treatment practice in Jacksonville, Florida. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Development. Dr. Nzuzu is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the State of Florida and a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP).

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